Digital Media – Its Various Forms

Digital media is also widely known as new media. We are more privileged than ever to be able to live in a time where the internet has allowed us to explore the various types of digital media and actively integrate them into our daily lives.

You can experience digital media in the form of articles, music, VR, videos, and much more. When we entered the 21st century, digital media started to become more advanced and common,

Fast forward to 2023, and we are living in the prime age of tech and the internet. Which has enabled us to use many forms of digital media. But, first, you need a reliable internet connection to access the internet and then be able to enjoy the types of digital media. Xfinity Internet is not just reliable but offers amazing bundles. Call online to Xfinity Customer Support for 24/7 facility Xfinity provides to its customers.

Moving on, today, everyone has one or two digital media devices that can be connected to the internet. It could be in the form of a smartphone, gaming console, smart TV, and the list just goes on and on. With these devices, we can access digital media.

In this article, we will share what is digital media and the types of digital media. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Digital Media?

Digital media comes in the form of audio, videos, ads, music, and social media platforms have all of them. We are talking about the type of digital media, not the types of digital media devices. Social media platforms are a great example of all forms of digital media.

For instance, if you have a digital media device, such as a smartphone, you can access digital media in its various forms. It’s really that simple. Social media platforms are usually applications on your phone or on the browser that allows you to communicate and interact with people online.

If you are on social media, you can share digital media, like photos, emails, videos, and more. This type of digital media allows you to explore the many platforms that are specific to your needs. For instance, young people today enjoy photography, and Instagram is a great social media platform that allows you to share your pictures and videos.

You can easily create an Instagram account, if you don’t have one already, and share your digital media online.


There are many types of digital media, and as we shared above, social media has all of them and is often considered to be a digital media platform. Audio is another type of digital media. But, how would you define it, or what are some of its examples?

Some of the most common and prominent forms of digital media for audio are audiobooks, podcasts, and music. Audio is a form of digital media and is often referred to as digital audio. In other words, each time you listen to an audio online, say a song, the technology within the computer creates the audio into sound waves that allow you to understand what you are hearing.

For instance, a digital media company, such as Spotify, has built an app that allows users to access millions of online songs and podcasts. The subscriber can browse through the music category, and even download it.


Video is yet another form of digital media. Videos are moving visual imagery. In other words, when you see an online video, you are watching digital images that create a digital video. There are many various platforms that allow users to access and enjoy video.

YouTube is the most popular of them all. YouTube allows users to access an infinite selection of videos that come in many forms of genres. For instance, you can find music videos, movies, and even educational videos.

It is very diverse and for everyone, of every age. YouTube is an online app that stores thousands of videos in a digital format. This is very similar to audio apps, but the only difference is that it has visual images.

YouTube will transform the many digital codes into visual images that end up creating a video. All the user has to do is upload the video, and YouTube and the computing technology take care of uploading and transforming the data into a visual image.

All in All

Digital media is definitely great for keeping us entertained. But, it is also interesting if you were to think about how the various types of digital media have allowed people to explore a whole new world, and many different career paths.

There’s a reason why it’s known as new media; it has introduced us to a new world with better opportunities. We hope you now know what digital media is, and that audio and video are the most popular forms of digital media.

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