How Mobile Access Control Can Improve Property Security

Whether you own commercial or residential property, taking measures to upgrade your security doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Since many rely on mobile devices to complete various tasks, tech advancements such as mobile credential access control can provide convenience and security when you need it most. Such controls give you more control and security over who and when others access your property. To ensure you find the best solution for your property, learn more about how this works, the benefits, and how it can integrate into your existing security system.

How Your Smartphone Becomes a Digital Key

Managing access to a property with technology is easy with a mobile credential. A mobile credential allows people such as tenants or employees to gain access into a building or property with an assigned digital key. Mobile credential access control allows you to issue, revoke, or adjust credentials to ensure only authorized people gain property access. Users of the system will have an app to open on their mobile device to gain access for their security and convenience.

The database will store verified credentials that can be accessed via a secure Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal. It may also involve a touchless feature that signals a user to wave their hand to unlock or open a door. If the credential is unauthorized or denied, the person may not gain entry into the building. The system can then notify security personnel onsite of the failed attempt. Access control solutions use different types of technology to ensure communication in case of unresponsiveness or signal loss.

Mobile Access Control Benefits for Property Managers

Using an access control solution ensures only authorized people gain access into a secured property. Property managers gain an easier way to provide permission through a database portal designed to store active credentials with real-time data that can include suspicious activity notifications. However, there are additional benefits mobile credentials offer.

Mobile credentials provide additional safety and security with enhanced features. You don’t have to worry about something being copied or cloned such as a keycard or traditional key. Mobile features include encryption that helps keep essential data private. Mobile credentials can also be protected with a passcode and other security features including facial ID and fingerprint scanning. If a device is stolen or lost, permission can instantly be revoked by the admin.

Access controls with mobile credentials are affordable with less operating costs than a system requiring badges, keycards, or fobs. You can grant temporary access for guests by sending a link to their mobile device. Time is saved when you can instantly revoke credentials without spending time tracking down someone to do it. If someone loses or gets their mobile device stolen, credentials can be deactivated quickly before the device gets into the wrong hands.

Mobile access control solutions provide more convenience. One platform is used to store all credentials for multiple devices. A business with multiple locations can have one platform to manage and store permissions for employees. For people using the app to access permission, the process is easy through their smartphone. An access control system can use one credential to offer a combined access solution for multiple locations.

Why More People are Using Mobile Credentials

Many organizations are choosing mobile access solutions because of their compatibility. If you have a security system in place, chances are it can be configured to support mobile credentials. The credentials make it possible for any smartphone user to get authorized accessed. If you used a physical platform such as keycards or fobs, you can make the switch to mobile credentials and expand your security system.

It is essential for organizations to review their system to understand if it supports physical and mobile credentials. To avoid unauthorized access or accidental unlocks, ensure the system is properly configured. Using mobile credentials is a useful way businesses can redesign their onsite security along with other features such as alarms, cameras, and management system integrations. Therefore, admins can make adjustments and monitor devices connected to the cloud-based network from one platform.

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