Where to Find Limited Edition Jellycat Bunny Toys in Singapore

Every parent prefers Jellycat toys because they have unique soft materials. Their fur is carefully hand-cut and sewn together to create a luxuriously soft feel that must be cherished. It stays cuddly every time you hug your Jellycat and the fur holds its structure. Besides, if you want something even more original you can opt for one of the annual seasonal limited edition designs. In addition, among all toys produced by the Jellycat company, Jellycat Bunnies are cuter than other stuffed animals. These bunnies have cute characteristics such as floppy ears and furry tails that will capture your heart. 


Explore a variety of sizes, from little bunnies that can fit into a pocket to large fluffy rabbits ideal for cuddling. Singapore is a center of stuffed toys. When you need the cutest and comfiest toys in Singapore, then look no further than Jellycat Bunnies. Jellycat Bunny Singapore is a soft and lovable plush that has captured the minds of every parent. They are full of love and care. All of its components are manufactured under strict safety standards.


Each of the bunnies has its personality and expression, so they all appear like real friends. At any time of the day, your little one will like playing and cuddling with Jellycat bunnies. Whether you prefer a conventional white bunny with pink ears or an odd one with polka dots and stripes, there is a Jellycat for every taste and style. Many bunnies come dressed in adorable costumes, adding an element of attraction and novelty.


Following are the stores where you can find limited edition Jellycat Bunnies in Singapore.

  • Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed is one of the most enthralling and enjoyable shops selling Jellycat bunnies worldwide. They pick various cuddly and tempting Jellycat plush bunnies. This shop is unique because it addresses every purchase with a personal touch. You can personalize Jellycat Bunny Singapore with an individual touch such as name, date, or sentimental message and thus this becomes a priceless souvenir. It is not merely a toy shop, it is a place where memories are made. Whether it’s a gift for an upcoming baby shower, a surprise birthday, or just something special and sentimental to express your affection, they can give you a Jellycat bunny that will meet the specific needs of the present. Thus, this shop is where you’ll find the magic of fluffy bunnies with a personalized touch to each embrace and snuggle. Jellycat Bunny is ideal for brightening the mood of a person to take or otherwise celebrate an important event. Secondly, the employees of this store are knowledgeable about these cutest pets and they can assist you in choosing appropriate bunnies based on your desires.

  • Elly Store:

Elly Store is a paradise for lovers of Jellycat toys. They offer a nice selection of Jellycat bunnies that will be loved by both the young and the old. The entrance to the store is marked with a beautiful showcase of these friendly plush objects in all sizes and forms, making it a paradise for people looking forward to collecting them or finding that unique gift. It also has Jellycat bunnies for every taste, starting from the classic white rabbits with soft fur and floppy ears to outrageously fun, colorfully decorated ones. They have a very calm atmosphere and are dedicated to offering high-quality products. So go on over to Elly Store where you are sure to get a cute friend that will make you happy and comfort you always.

  • Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society gives you a wonderful world of Jellycat bunnies. The store is a popular children’s shop located right in the middle of Singapore. This wonderful fusion has brought smiles to the faces of children and parents alike. The Jellycat bunnies that you can get from this shop are very fascinating and distinctive. Their carefully selected selection of children’s clothing and accessories was stolen in the limelight by these plush bunnies. From the classic white bunnies to those that are more weird and colorful, each Jellycat bunny is handpicked to ensure quality and cuteness criteria. Parents love to visit this cute store and pick up the best Jellycat bunny that would soon become a favorite friend of their kids.


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Jellycat Bunny Singapore is globally known. A wide range of retail stores and online marketplaces are available.  Whether you are a Jellycat fan or an anxious parent in search of one special something, you can find nearly every baby item here. The atmosphere of this store is warm and magical, where you can find the perfect Jellycat bunny. Therefore, do not waste any time and quickly visit Lovingly Signed as Jellycat magic is now available to make your day shinier!


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