Smart Locks, Smarter Living: Discover Wi-Fi Door Lock Innovations

We have seen technology evolve from a simple desktop computer to Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, making our lives smarter and easier. There are many different types of smart devices on the market, some of which are appealing and exciting to have around, and others make you wonder how you ever lived without using them. A smart lock with Wi-Fi controls is one of those essential devices you are looking for. You might have heard of smart lights, fans, switches, and Wi-Fi-controlled ACs, but smart locks and Wi-Fi door locks might sound new to you.

What is a Smart Wi-Fi Lock System?

The smart Wi-Fi lock systems allow you to lock and unlock your door without the standard lock and key system. They come with a mobile app to remotely operate them. The smart lock is connected to your WiFi network, enabling it to process a PIN or smartphone request to lock or unlock. These locks give an extra layer of security by having cutting-edge features like an anti-theft password, auto-locking, and privacy locking.

They additionally have a generic handle and an accessible mode for the benefit of the user. Users are immediately informed when the battery runs low, ensuring fast maintenance. In the worst-case scenario of a battery failure, an external battery reserve lets users plug in a second power source for simple access.

Features You get with Wi-Fi Doors

Having a Wi-Fi door with a smart lock system as your front door not only ensures security but also gives you freedom from carrying a physical key. Here are some interesting properties of a Wi-Fi door that would intrigue you to have one for your home.

Multiple Modes of Access

With smart locks, you get multiple modes to access your door. In a conventional door lock, you get a lock and key system, whereas, in a smart lock system, you will get fingerprint-based access, a password, an RFID card system, door access through the mobile application and an additional physical key. These different modes to access your door lock help prevent unauthorised access, protecting your house from theft or other circumstances.

If you want to have high security, you can also set it to dual combination mode, wherein you can use two kinds of access modes to lock the doors and increase the security level. Additional options are available to help your guests have temporary one-time access codes to the locks when they visit.

Storage Capacity

With a standard lock and key combination, you only get one additional key and need to get duplicates made for other family members. This challenge is easily solved using Wi-Fi lock door systems. These kinds of locks come with a good storage capacity, which helps your family and you store multiple fingerprints, RFIDs and passwords; you can store up to 100 of each in these locks. This helps in various situations, such as having a home office where several employees visit and letting each family member have their unique password for the lock.

Mobile Application

The Wi-Fi lock doors come with a great feature for mobile applications. These applications help you access your locks from any location in the world. These locks can be integrated into your smart devices like Google Assistant, Alexa or any other remote devices. These integrations allow you to lock and unlock the doors with voice commands. Using simple commands, you can also use the mobile application to lock and unlock the doors.

Auto-Freeze Technology

The auto-freeze feature provided by the Wi-Fi lock technology for the doors improves the level of protection when there are numerous unsuccessful password attempts. It is simple to break a lock with an ordinary system of locks or to find an alternate key to unlock a lock. However, a Wi-Fi door system has a lock mechanism that is comparable to your smartphone; after four failed password tries, the lock enters a frozen state and does not open the door.

Furthermore, as soon as the freeze mode gets activated, the audio alarm sets off, alerting unauthorised or wrong attempts to open the door.

External Battery Backup

The Wi-Fi lock doors are battery-operated and rely on external battery sources. The Wi-Fi doors come with an external battery backup, which helps in easy battery recharge. This kind of battery backup system makes these smart locks a user-friendly and reliable way to enhance your home security. There is an audio-visual alarm which sets off when the battery level hits a low alarming level, warning the users that it’s time to change the batteries. This proactive alerting mechanism facilitates keeping the lock functioning and minimises any unplanned lockouts.

Auto-Locking System

This is one of the best features of Wi-Fi door lock technology. By ensuring that the door is instantly locked after being closed, this unique feature eliminates the concern associated with securely locking the door. This adds a degree of security, avoiding any unexpected or forgotten scenarios when the door has been unlocked. This smooth and clever auto-locking system makes for an essential component of contemporary smart home security since it gives you the assurance that your house is safe each time your door closes.


The world is getting smarter daily; new technologies are accessible to make our lives easier. Smart door locks are a great way to start making your ideal smart home with other interesting smart devices. The Wi-Fi lock system not only brings enhanced security but also comes with several interesting features that help you access your smart home from anywhere in the world. Take your beautiful homes a notch up by adding a smart Wi-Fi lock system and start the journey of the smart home.

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