The Numerous Advantages of Utilizing LED Flameless Candles

By using Brightpik’s LED Flameless Candles, your romantic nights or other special occasions are not only fun, cozy, and lively, but are safe and worry-free as well.

Since 3000 BC, candles have been made use of exceptionally in numerous means including wedding decors, table setup adornments, and obviously, for easy lighting functions. From the past up to the present, traditional candles have been crafted using a strong flammable material and a wick in the middle. However, old-school candles can pose some unsafe hazards to customers so this is most probably the reason why the convenient and advanced LED flameless candles were born.

As we all understand, LED represents light-emitting diodes – a tool that when struck by electrical, releases light. In the past, LED lighting could simply produce red light; but in this modern-day time, LED lights can be discovered in numerous brilliant colors such as red, green, and blue light. On top of that, white LEDs have come to be extensively available in the marketplace as well. And thankfully, these impressive colors can be very well appreciated in the form of LED flameless candles or faux tealights as they were fondly called by some.

LED Flameless Candle Advantages

Considering that you are fascinated by LED tealights, you may want to do your homework and view exactly what advantages they supply in store for residents like you. Luckily, this extensive quick guide has gathered all the necessary information right in this blog post.

  1. These modern-day candles are much safer than genuine ones. All of us understand that typical candles are always associated with risks of burning or fire. As a matter of fact, based on the report of the National Candles Organization, nearly 18,000 fire incidents were discovered to have started on candle fires. The good news is, that there are now LED candles such as the Brightpik LED Flameless Candles that supply security and comfort that regular candles can not provide. And because some LED tealights are battery-operated and outfitted with a timer, you can be confident that it will certainly not trigger any kind of trouble such as overheating and electric shocks.
  2. LED tealights are more resilient than genuine candles. Normally, first-class candles can last for simply 5 to 6 hours maximum. solar powered flood lights Yet because Brightpik LED tealights are power effective and make use of long-term batteries, they can outlive traditional candles with their 40 hours of lighting capacities.
  3. Flameless candles are tidy. Melted wax from typical candles can be set easily and can be very difficult to take out or clean up. This can likewise be a pain in case your priceless furniture or bed linens have been trickled with candle wax. LED candles produce no wax; therefore, no messes can hurt your possessions regardless.
  4. They are likewise eco-friendly. Some candles are made from specific materials that when lighted can trigger damage to the environment. The candle’s body or the wick itself can contain harmful elements such as lead or petroleum so by burning some, you are likewise impacting the environment without also knowing it. Yet using Brightpik LED flameless candles, you can ultimately show some worry and appreciation to Mother Nature knowing that by switching them on, no unsafe aspects are launched into the environment.
  5. LED candles are low-cost. Specifically, if you require long-term illumination, you are looking at candle expenses around $5 or so. Sadly, candles like this can burn for about 5 to 7 hours. So assuming that they last as much as 7 hours; to calculate, that’s around $0.70 each hour. A 30-pc set of Brightpik’s LED flameless candles sets you back $29 or 96 cents for each item. So when separated by its lighting time of 400 hours, they set you back simply $.0024 an hour. That’s surprisingly means cheaper, right?
  6. They have the exact same flickering and festive result. Considering that you don’t have the experience of using LED candles, you might assume that they lack the remarkable and festive feel that genuine candles provide. Yet this is truly not the case. Specifically, if you have bought your LED tealights from Brightpik, you can delight in a long-term romantic and comfy environment, full of the flickering result from initial candle flames. And because these modern-day candles come in numerous lively colors, setting up and adorning occasion locations, dining tables, or rooms in the house is not simply fun, but exceptionally fulfilling as well.


If you’re aiming to set the mood, enhance your favored area in the house, or merely brighten a specific area, using LED flameless candles will certainly do the trick. Think of obtaining a collection of your preference today to view the benefits that await you after using these candles.

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