Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Professional Plastic Business Cards

Business card is a way to market your company successfully and expand its customer base. Personalized cards can be used as a marketing tool for sharing contact information with prospective customers and fellow business owners.

If you know the different strategies to use when designing and creating plastic business cards, you will be able to create one that draws attention. We will discuss a few important tips to create the most effective business cards.

Add a Photograph to Give It a Personal Touch

As everything is shifting towards the digital landscape, customizing plastic business card printing is important. Even though your business card will only be remembered for a short time after the in-person meeting, the recollection of you and your company might fade.

An efficacious way to boost this link is by adding a professional photograph. A photo speaks a lot and adding your photo to your business card will help in forging a long-lasting link between you and your card.

Highlight Important Information

Your square business cards have to act as a gateway to your brand. It needs to clearly state the name, contact details, and role. Details, such as the business name and brand logo will reinforce your brand identity.  Moreover, only sharing the most important information on your card will create an efficacious connection. More in-depth information about you and your business can be shared on your social media platforms or websites.

Create Optimum Impact with Minimalism

If you overload your business card with details can make it ineffective and overwhelming. Instead of turning your business card into a mini-resume, take it as a visual, concise elevator pitch. An effective business card offers the information your recipients need- who you are, how to reach you, and what you do. With a minimalist approach, your card can look modern and clean, and improve its impact and readability.

Try Out Different Finishes

Choose unique finishes for your square business card printing to make it stand out in the crowd. A few trends include printing on both sides of the cards and using it as an appointment reminder, or adding embellishments, such as embossing, rounder corners, or foil applications. Don’t forget to align the design elements with the industry and brand, and make sure the card is of a standard size for easy storage.

Focus on Readability in Your Card Design

It might be tempting for you to choose fancy and unique fonts but readability is of great importance when it comes to the design of the business card. Select fonts that are easy to read. It has to be legible and shouldn’t strain your eyes. The easier it is to read the card at one glance, the more efficacious it is in terms of communicating important details.

Keep It Stockpile

With frequent travel and remote work becoming more of a norm, it is important that you have a stack of business cards with you at all times. If you run out of business cards when you come across a potential client, it is only a missed opportunity. Simultaneously, avoid printing them in bulk as they might become irrelevant or outdated, leading to waste. You can go for on-demand printing services to maintain an updated, fresh supply of cards.

Don’t Forget to Leave White Space

At times recipients like jotting down a phrase or word on business cards so that it jogs their memories. By effectively using white space, including content on just one side will enable your recipients to do this more easily.

In terms of design, white space will make your recipients focus on the space that does include a logo or text.

Maintain a Professional Printing Quality

DIY business card templates have become more popular than ever. So, you might be tempted to print your business cards all by yourself. nonetheless, nothing can be compared to the professional quality that a professional printing service can provide. Invest in high-quality printing but it will underscore your commitment and professionalism.

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