When the AC in Your Commercial Building Stops Working — Whether to Fix or Replace?

When the AC in Your Commercial Building Stops Working — Whether to Fix or Replace?

When the air conditioner in your commercial building breaks down, whether you should repair or replace it depends on the severity of the breakdown.

Air conditioner is an essential and integral part of your commercial building that cannot be sacrificed. Indoor cooling not only improves the comfort and safety of employees and customers but also ensures that they offer comfort in the summer months. 

If your AC system stops working repeatedly, consider whether it is reasonable to make expensive repairs or whether the time has come for a new and modern A/C system to be installed. The following are the more important points when the A/C goes out to decide whether to fix or replace it.


Factor #1 – Age 

Although the age of your commercial HVAC equipment is a critical factor, it should not be the only performance metric to evaluate whether an A/C or heat pump is worth replacing. 

Well-lubricated, regularly powered up, and aging cooling systems would continue to serve efficiently for many seasons before being replaced. The system age, in combination with other factors across this list, can help you to find out the advantages of replacement. 

On average, a heat pump or air conditioner that exceeds 10 years might be approaching the stage where Commercial AC Repair Services will no longer be effective. Therefore, a replacement will be the best move.

Factor #2 – Condition

A damaged air conditioning unit must be replaced immediately. If preventive maintenance is neglected, repairs delayed, or other improvements left undone, it’s likely that your air conditioner has already fallen into bad shape and will only last for a while. 

Ask one of the best professional air conditioning contractors to check out your system if it is in bad shape. Certain repairs may restore it for another year or two. Not only that, but the technician can also advise if the system has become too far gone and it must be replaced.


Factor #3 – Reliability

If the commercial cooling system is not operating consistently, no matter how much repairs or maintenance are done to it, then you probably have to replace the entire system soon. 

Likewise, if an A/C unit suddenly stops working or is constantly malfunctioning, a replacement would be recommended. Another indication of replacement could be spikes that occur suddenly and with no explanations in your monthly AC bills.


Factor #4 – Functionality

If the equipment is not cooling up properly, then it is time for the cooling loop to be filled with refrigerant for charge. Cleaning coils or replacing the filter might be a solution to restore cooling capability. 

Nevertheless, if this doesn’t work, it is time to buy a new air conditioner. For example, high-running units, frequent cycles of cooling, rooms that are poorly ventilated, and aging insulation all could mean that your air conditioning unit is not working properly. 

The sporadic and boisterous noises from the A/C unit are a warning sign for an internal problem that could be too hard or expensive to fix or could mean the equipment is ruined. Incomparable operation of the air conditioning system, for instance, the rooms that are extremely burning or cooling, also show severe failure of the air conditioning system.

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